Public Officers Health Insurance Scheme

What this product is about

PHA Public Officers Health Insurance Scheme is a medical protection plan for Public Officers in Papua New Guinea that provides comprehensive medical cover, with premiums that are eligible to be deducted from your fortnightly salary. This plan provides affordable and cashless coverage with a wide range of benefits through PHA’s network of provider hospitals and medical clinics. This plan also rewards you with a no-claim discount on premium up to 15% if you make no claim within 2 years. That way, you may choose to access private healthcare services for treatment when you need it – for you and your whole family’s health and wellbeing.

  • Covers you to age 65

  • Extend your coverage to your spouse and children

  • Annual medical check-up and vaccinations at no additional cost


Protection for your future

We help ease your burden from unexpected heavy medical bills, and ensure that you get the essential medical coverage. Join us today and have a peace of mind and start planning for you and your family’s future.


Cashless coverage at our network of provider hospitals and clinics means no upfront payment required.


What does it provide?


Comprehensive coverage with different options

You have the option to select different coverage limits based on the amount of premium you are willing to contribute from your fortnightly salary. All plans provide essential in-patient treatments within Papua New Guinea and overseas, out-patient treatments, pre-hospitalization treatments, post-hospitalization treatments, day surgery, and ambulance cover including emergency air transportation.


Extend your coverage to your spouse and children

We care not only for you but for the wellbeing of your family. Plan for your family’s healthy future through the option to extend your coverage to your spouse only, or to your spouse and dependent children until age eighteen (18) or until age twenty-five (25), or until they become financially independent or married.


Cashless consultations with PHA Medical Card

With your PHA Medical Card, you can enjoy all the benefits offered under the PHA’s network of provider hospitals and clinics. Once this plan is in effect, you can enjoy cashless coverage at our network with no upfront payment required. When you’re admitted to hospital, worrying about paying for medical care should be the last thing on your mind. This plan alleviates your burden by settling your hospital bill on your behalf. Once the service is arranged successfully, we will settle directly with the hospital the medical expenses incurred during hospital stay on your behalf. 


Continuous coverage after retirement

We believe that you still require coverage in your golden years after retirement from the public service. You and your family can enjoy continuous coverage after retirement, up to the next 5 years subject to underwriting on a case-by-case basis, if you choose to opt in for this benefit and continue to pay the premium.


Maternity and newborn baby care benefits

We are sharing the joy of motherhood when a baby arrives at your family by providing maternity and newborn baby care cover to ensure peace of mind for not only mother and child but also for the entire family. To ensure your baby stays healthy, we cover baby check-ups and vaccinations up to six (6) months of age.


Annual health checkups and vaccinations

Prevention is always better than cure. Early detection of illnesses keeps Papua New Guineans healthy and you can seek treatment at an early stage before your health has deteriorated and you have to suffer. By providing cover for annual check-ups and vaccinations, we want you to have a long and happy life with your loved ones.


Funeral support benefit

In case of your unfortunate death, we help ease the burden on your family members by providing a lump sum funeral support benefit that your family may use at their own discretion to help with immediate expenses associated with a death, such as burial fees, cremation fees, travel arrangements to go to the funeral, certificates or other documents.